Household appliances

Cold water machine

Technical Features

• Dispensing 150 ml (single service)

• Dispensing ambient temperature natural water

• Dispensing cold sparkling/natural water at 4°C-6

• Dispensing Cold still/sparkling drink at 4°C-6°C (using pods)

• Hot water at 65°C (using pods)

• Uv led

• Activated carbon filters

• Optional connection to the water network

• 2 sparking levels

• Max. carbonization: 3-3.3 vol.

• User interface with touch screen display

• Dimensions: 44x28x36 cm

• Cooling capacity 12 l/h

• Removable and washable water tank (capacity 2,5 l)

• CO2 disposable or rechargeable cylinder

• Automatic discharge of exhaust pods

• Exhaust pods tank

• R134a as gas compressor

Our Capsules

are single-portion and recyclable. This means no waste and concern for the environment


Coffee Machines 

Technical Features

dimensions: 120x 252 x 360 mm

Max water tank capacity: 0,7 l

Open / close Lever for inserting capsules 

Dispense button 

Capsule recovery drawer

Removable plate

Water tank 

Master switch

Power cable

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Our Coffee Machines

Kitchen Aid

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Illy X7

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