We make the difference.

Our history is marked by our passion for perfection and track record of continuous innovation to consistently deliver the highest quality tasting experience to consumers worldwide.

Our investment is in response to market demand for mono-porton beverage  technologies and focuses on eco-friendly Capsules and Machines that fils market gap.

Be the change
Our water machine can help the average family reduce more bottles and cans from our planet
Save money
by not having to purchase individual water bottles
Our Vision
reduces logistics costs, eases storage and using up stocks.
We go further
Ostangroup is introducing the first eco-friendly capsules able to offer Espresso’s Coffe, Tea and Jingsen using only natural flavour, as well as any cold beverage, sparkling or not
Our capsules
are single-portion and recyclable.
This means no waste and concern for the environment
Our machines are continually reinvented with innovative design and features to offer consumers ever more convenience.
Bialetti Cuore
Our capsules

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