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Little things can make big difference.

OSTANGROUP has reached the highest evolution for mono-portion BEVERAGE technologies. The  investment has been focusing on Capsules and Machines that would have made the difference with all other products in the market. 



Mission achieved !


Ostangroup is introducing the first Eco-Friendly capsules able to offer Espresso’s Coffe, Tea and Jingsen using only natural flavour, including  any cold beverage, sparkling or not. 


Ostangroup is known Worldwide for his unique services for OEM and ODM, and his strong believe in sustainable technology evolution is pushing day by day the company to invest in research able not only to offer innovative single parts or capsules but also components able to fully benefit the power and flavour. 

Bialetti Cuore
Bialetti Cuore
Illy X7
Illy Y5
Kitchen Aid
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